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We Monitor and Analyze Social Media Mentions for Business and Politicians and help them succeed in Business and political Elections!

We Analyze what people are saying, when they said it, and why. Find influencers, compare with competitors and create real time Reports!

In BUsiness & Politics, reputation matters above all

Millions of politically-charged conversations are taking place on social media every day, so how do you keep on top of it all? Do you know what the public really think about the important topics? About you and your Brand or political Party? TianfoooMedia allows you to gauge at any moment how the public perceives you and your Brand or Political Party.

What We Do

Dicover how our amazing team can help your business or politics. We combine big data, artificial intelligence, and campaign expertise to build relationships between clients and audiences online

Public Sentiment Analysis on your Brands or Political Parties

provide you ways to engage your audiences, to connect with their minds and hearts, to make them believe and journey with you.

Monitoring your Brand or Political Party

In the age of connectivity and shared experiences, you become an enabler for the common good. Think, you can’t topple the social hierarchy? Break up the status quo? Be a disruptive leader in your field? Of course you can.

Brands or Political Parties Reputation Management

Our years of experience in ground campaigns, research, advertising communication, media relations, and knowledge of public sentiments are utilized to come up with measurable and compelling strategies.

"We produce and release social intelligence reports to share to the public knowledge that can shape policy and public interest"


Monitor your Brand or Political party reputation

Monitor your Brand to learn:

  • How it is perceived by the public
  • Specific things people like or dislike about you
  • Key topics that are associated with your Brand or Political Party
  • How it is compared with your competitors
By Monitoring your Brand mentions we will:
  • Measure how strong is your Brand Reputation
  • Establish Branchmarks
  • Discovers what people like or Dislike about your Brand
  • Identify your key Brand topics
  • Compare your party with competitor Brand or Parties

Amazing Features

We offer

Support 24/7

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User Friendly UI

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Get notified on time so you remain updated with your Brand status

Leverage the Voice of the People

Build a social media command center and stay on top of what voters are thinking

Create lists of your influencers and detractors, and be alerted when they are talking about certain topics

Engage and recruit them to your cause via social media channels, and empower them to share and amplify the message for you

TianfoooMedia is the tool that will give you an advantage in social over your opponents

What People Are Saying.

What is Tianfooomedia in terms of our esteemed clients


"Its one of the best platform to get know aout ones Brand Status in social media"
"It has helped our party reach to a large no of public in short time"
"We benifited by branding our business via Tianfooomedia"

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TianfoooMedia shaping Business and Political Game!

"Understand the Power of “Click and “Scroll” in Business and Politics with TianfoooMedia"

“If Election is tomorrow, what must you do to win!"
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